Women’s J.V. soccer players prove their worth despite youth


Coach Donovan Martinez congratulates the Lady Lancers on their win.

Madison Dearie, staff writer and photographer, foregin correspondent

On Dec. 19, the Lady Lancers JV women’s soccer team collected another victory, adding it to their nearly undefeated season.  The San Marcos Knights may have hoped to redeem themselves for their last lost against CHS, but the Lady Lancers didn’t give them an inch, beating San Marcos 5 to 0. This year’s team may be young, but with a record of 4-1-0, their season seems promising.

“We’ve done so well. I’m beyond proud of my team,” said center midfielder, sophomore Brooke Batcheller.

Sophomore Veronica Millan started the game off with a positive start, scoring the first goal for CHS within the ten minutes of the start of the first half. Followed by another seamless goal on the San Marcos Knights by Victoria Soto, another sophomore. Both Millan’s and Soto’s aggressive playing put the pressure on San Marcos’s defense, moving them into the lead and keeping them there till the end of the first half.

Just a few encouraging words from senior captain Jessica Reeves during halftime and the Lady Lancers geared up for the second half. Five minutes in, freshman, Summer Mason scored CHS’ third goal of the game. Mason then made a fantastic breakaway shot, rebounded by the goalie. Mason, following it up, sank a shot in the upper right corner of the net. Goalies Lizzy Peterson and Monica Alvarado, both freshmen, defended the net well throughout the game, helping their team close with a shutout.

“I think we battled hard in this game against San Marcos and out attitude was great.  Even though we beat them last time, we didn’t go in cocky, we went and we performed well,” said the outside left mid, sophomore Coco Monaco.

The game lacked carding, fights with the ref or even much competition from the other team, but the players-even though they’re only freshman and sophomores-showed fans why they come to watch, because we win.