Freshman girl’s basketball team brings out the best

Due to a foul, a member of the Carlsbad team makes a free throw

Due to a foul, a member of the Carlsbad team makes a free throw

Trina Kim, Copy Editor

On Dec. 9, the girl’s freshman basketball team ended the second game of the season with a well-deserved victory against Vista High school.

At the beginning of the game, Carlsbad tried their best to make a few more hoops to catch up with the opponent.  Freshman Monica Alvarado made 2 layups and 2-pointers, and around 6 minutes into the game, Carlsbad was able to pull ahead to a score of 18-18.

Through the first three periods, Carlsbad was still neck to neck with Vista with a score of 28-28.  The differences began during the last period; the team scored a total of 10 more points.  Freshman Averi Aburto shot two lay-ups after receiving a pass from the defense, leading the team ahead by another 4 points.

“They have really good team work, so the biggest thing they just need to do is just communicate, and then it’ll be better,” Coach Reeves said.

With the showing of the best teamwork during the last eight minutes of the game, all hoops were made by passes from offense.  Vista held their front with Carlsbad but was unable to score against them in the last minute of the game.

“I think they got back at defense really well, and the offense, they just hustled,” Reeves said.

Carlsbad made a few more free shots due to fouls and won with an overall score of 38-31.  The team hopes to carry out these types of victories throughout the season.