Paleo, MacNeal have winning week

Paleo, MacNeal have winning week

Along with the win over Ramona, Carlsbad’s very own Saul Paleo is named PPR’s Player of the Week

Shelby Rowe, Editor in Chief

After catching a 33-yard pass in the end zone with only one hand from quarter back Tanner Wrisley, senior Saul Paleo not only caught the winning touchdown for Carlsbad but also earned a nomination for Prep Pigskin Report’s Play of the Week.

“Right when I was throwing the ball, I thought I over threw him,” senior Tanner Wrisley said. “Then he stood up with the ball and I was really excited.”

After counting over 850 votes, on Friday night PPR finally announced that Carlsbad High School’s Saul Paleo won with 37% of the votes.

“It was really cool,” Paleo said. “We haven’t had anybody win from Carlsbad for a long time so it’s awesome.”

Because he won Play of the Week, Paleo is now automatically nominated for PPR Play of the Year.

“There were a lot of different and crazy things in that play,” Wrisley said. “Saul caught the ball with one hand, it was coach’s first win, there was no time on the clock and I found out that I threw with a broken leg. It should win Play of the Year.”

Paleo wasn’t the only one from Carlsbad to win an award last week. Football coach, Thadd MacNeal also won PPR Charger’s Coach of the Week.

“He pushed us a lot and we’ve been working hard all year,” Paleo said. “He has been pushing us to do our best and he really deserves it.”

For winning Coach of the Week, the Chargers will donate $1500 to Carlsbad’s football program in MacNeal’s name.

“He dedicates a lot of time, not only when practicing, but whenever he has time he’s working and learning new things for the team,” Wrisley said. “I know he works hard so I’m glad he won.”

MacNeal’s first Carlsbad win exceeded anybody’s expectations, leaving Carlsbad with two awards and high expectations for the rest of the season.

“It gives us momentum and confidence and definitely gives us a great game that was decided on the last play,” MacNeal said. “It’s something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”