Jemison “Throws” the Distance

Andrea Abbott, Staff Writer

Carlsbad High School’s own Breanna Jemison, junior, excelled in track and field this year breaking record after record in shot-put and discus. Setting herself apart from the rest, Jemison remains humble and confident and agreed to share her experience and future plans.

Lancer Link: What was your greatest accomplishment in track and field so far?

Jemison: I won the league championship and broke both school records.

LL: What made you want to join shot-put and discus?

J: I’ve just always had a passion. I saw it on the Olympics and my brothers both did it. They taught me different techniques and made me more interested.

LL: What was your best score?

J: In track meets my best score was 44-45” but in practice I got 47”.

LL: Have you been getting attention and recognition?

J: I got Athlete of the Week from the San Diego Union Tribune along with other awards. I’m also getting letters from colleges asking me to consider their schools.

LL: Do you see yourself at any of these schools?

J: Yeah, I really like UCSB, San Francisco State and Brown University.

LL: What do you like best about shot-put and discus?

J: Just the ability knowing you can improve on something. As soon as I set a record I want to beat it.

LL: Do you play any other sports?

J: I play basketball on the CHS Girls Varsity team.

LL: Has basketball helped improve your shot-put and discus skills?

J: It’s way different than shot-put and discuss because it takes team work and you can’t just rely on one person, but it definitely is a good way to keep in shape.

LL: What’s happening with track and field next?

J: Now we’re going to State Championship.

LL: Any last words about your passion?

J: It’s not easy to come out with a win, but if you put your mind to it, it will work out in the end.