NCAA rule marks a game-changer for future athletes


Alex Gresham

NCAA officials push to create better opportunities for student athletes.

Sports. A fundamental aspect of life. Whether we are just beginning a sport for fun or fully committing to everyday practice and competition, without sports, we would grow older and likely become less active and potentially unhealthy. Recently, a California law declared that there will be a discussion on whether or not to pay college athletes. This game-changer will most likely go into effect by January 2021. Because of this new change, many may think a college athlete will lose incentive and passion to play, but to be paid for a sport? That gives more reason to be passionate about it in the first place. 

Those who are solely against the new law fail to realize that as a result of the countless hours of practice and competition, earning money is effective in that it provides financial relief for the athlete’s family. According to ESPN, the board members of NCAA are making sure student-athletes have the same opportunities to make money like other students on campus. For students who are thinking about playing NCAA sports in college, this is a golden opportunity to compete while being able to make adequate money and maintain financial stability going into the economically turbulent college years. 

As a student-athlete myself, I understand the commitment and the amount of work needed to perfect the art of sports and believe it is important to reward students who have worked hours every day for competition. Not only does it provide financial relief, but it allows students to use the money towards work-study programs, providing a balance between sports and higher-level education. According to Vittana, “fewer than 2% of college athletes go on to become professional athletes.” The numbers are small, and most college athletes end up pursuing a career in their desired major. Thus, being paid gives students an incentive to become more involved in athletics and pursue them more by providing funds for their future education. 

Although others may argue that by compensating student athletes, student programs will be cut on campus. However, college sports are the number one source of income in schools. The more incentive for athletes to play in college, the more money schools will gain and give back to clubs, classrooms and campus life.

As seniors begin their search for the college best fit for them, it is important to take into consideration that playing a college sport would give them the opportunity to earn money and use it to obtain an education in their field of study. The goal of a college is to give every student equal opportunity to earn money and therefore prepare them for success. Paying student-athletes edges one step onward towards that goal.