Why journalism matters


AJ Griffin , Assistant Editor

Journalism is a main source of news for many throughout the world. So when the local city or school newspaper is published, read it. Journalism is no easy task — it’s students and adults putting in hours of hard work to provide the best and most factual stories they can, while at the same time making sure the piece they’re writing is entertaining. Many smaller overlooked publications have the most accurate and factual reports out there. Where the mainstream media would twist the story into their own biased view, the local reports would give the news with the most accuracy and facts available.

News is the first rough draft of history.”

— Phil Graham, Washington Post

Journalism is a means of expression for many like myself; it’s easier to express myself through the ink on the page rather than publicly speaking. The way people are able to express such controversial issues while still handling it correctly is important. Journalism is important because it is an outlet for many who choose to use it. It enables writers to publish their opinions and facts about the newest and biggest developments in the world. As a result of this expression, people all around the world are more connected with a greater understanding of one another.