College is not for everyone

For most people, going to college after high school is the normal thing to do and there really is no other option. Since so many students end up going to college, some do not get the option to see if college is really for them. Most students just believe that it is what they are supposed to do without looking at the bigger picture. College is not for everyone for the reason that each student is different. Some will want to continue on the path of learning while some can move on without that piece of education.

One example is how some kids have the opportunity from the young age to start working, like actors and singers. When they become successful at such a young age, there is really no need to go to college. Most of their lives get laid out for them since they begin working in their early years of life. Most of these actors and singers will be able to receive a stable income, which means there will never be a need for a college degree. These and other career options will not cause people to have a college degree or to go to college.

Another example would just be how students do what the norm is. Some kids go to college just because they see how everyone else is applying and being accepted. Some kids also just a take year off, but some kids do not even consider that to be an option because of the pressure from their peers. Students do not think about what would truly be the best option for themselves, but instead just follow what the people around them end up doing. 

Students should not feel obligated to attend college if it is truly what they do not want to do. College is a huge next step, which also requires a lot of money and time. So if students really don’t want to be there, they should not feel compelled to attend. College is a time for students to continue their education and some students want to take other paths after high school. There is a number of careers that do not require a college degree, which means that a number of students should not feel pressured to go to college if one of those jobs interests them. College is an opportunity for students to further their education, but it is not a requirement for everyone.