Homework amount overwhelms students


 As students advance through school, the workload increasingly gets larger and there is more work that gets added. Students receive more information in their classes, which means there is a certain amount of work that comes with it. Most students, as they enter high school, try to take more advanced classes to add to their transcript for colleges to see. If a student is a part of many advanced or AP classes, the homework amount can be exceedingly large and there can be no time for the student to participate in any other activities.

One example of how the amount of homework is limiting students is how they have no time to focus on other things than just school. The amount of homework limits students to where they have to choose school over their passion. This causes a mix up between a student’s priorities, which makes them put less effort into certain things. A student should not have to choose between school and their passion, because school should just be their focus during the day. This load of homework needs to go, for most students just do not have the time. Not only do students not have time, but they miss out on important activities in their everyday life. Some kids have to skip family dinner to finish a project or work on an essay. Yes, some kids will need to study because the amount of new information they receive is very large. But a student should not have to choose homework over a family dinner or going to a younger sibling’s show. The amount of work has caused students to not be able to attend the true, important things in life. Their time at home has been taken over by all of the extra homework that has been assigned.

The homework load is at desperate need of limitation to ensure that students still have time to enjoy the high school experience. With this amount of work, school has come to feel like a job and brings out the negative side of learning. Students do not have the opportunity to have a fun high school experience and focus on other things.