Why the world is better today


Skyla Nelson, staff writer

By the end of last year, the news had taken over. Most everyone had concluded that our world today is getting worse than it has ever been before. Everyone is constantly longing for a time where people, places and things are simple. The news can be filled with heartbreak, and saddening stories that touch the hearts of many people. However, in some ways people need to take a step back and find the more encouraging stories that lie in our communities today. The world has become a hard place to navigate, and the perception of most people relies on the struggles we experience. More and more people are trying to make a difference and are standing up to give the world the chance it deserves.

I understand the points of most people. Natural disasters are ruining communities, politicians threatening nuclear war and terrorist attacks has become something our world is surrounded by. People are working overtime to deliver hope for the seemingly hopeless communities that everyone believes we live in. But the truth behind the people working hard to make our world a better place, is just that. People are working hard to make a difference and lift up the hope lost in society. News, media articles and pre-perceived ideas have undermined the beauty of the world today. Everyone should understand the power behind the hard working people and the bright side of life that is so well hidden.

In reality, our world has gotten better; empowering women have stood up for equality, the rate of extreme poverty has lowered and child labor laws around the world have changed for the better. Over the past 25 years, more than 137,000 people have been lifted out of poverty. In the 1970s, more than two billion people were classified as extremely poor. People around are being lifted and assisted out of conditions that are finally getting better. Both developing and developed countries have maintained a minimum age for child labor. However, over the past few centuries, the laws have diminished, child labor has risen. Now, the global averages are starting to lower once again, and hovers around 17 percent. In 2017, sexual harassment has been a clear and main focus of the news. The women who took part in the #Times Up campaign during the 2017 Golden Globes are just a small part of women who are making a big difference.

There are challenges ahead, and the only people capable of making the world a better place is us. The statistics prove what “9 out of 10 people” fail to believe; the world has become a batter place. It can be ironic that in a world where literacy and eduction has improved drastically, that the incapability to comprehend facts and statistics are contributing to the lack of realization abut how the world is changing today. The media is a large contributor to the false ideas that are present. Where media platforms lack, they become overpowered with depressing, shocking and click bait articles drawing in audiences. Clearly large problems remain, with 1 in 10 families struggling with poverty, world hunger continuing to grow and politics taking over. Becoming optimistic and discovering the positive outlooks and ideas making the world a better place is what ultimately will allow change in our society today.

Miraculously, the world is becoming a better place. Pitfalls and struggles are going to make us stronger. The saddening stories will lessen, and the positive messages that are being promoted in the world will grow. With time, our world will come out of the shadow and the good will overpower the bad to help open the minds and the perspectives of the people all over the world.