Parents teaching their beliefs


When a child is born into a family, there is no room for the child to create their own opinions. Parents have their own beliefs and want their children to grow up and expect the same things. As parents do this, they are creating a barrier for their children. Children are not able to see things on their own, but are only allowed to function under what their parents want them to see.

This happens in many events during childrens’ lives. One example would be religion or how a child is raised. At a very young age, some children are introduced to their family’s religion, which may include going to classes or going on trips with their church. When young adults start doing this at a young age, there is really no room for them to step back and choose what they really want to believe. Automatically, children think that what their parents teach them is what they are supposed to believe. Young adults do not get the opportunity to look at all the other options that are in front of them. Those options could include different sides or positions on multiple situations. 

Another area where children never really get the chance to choose a side is in politics. Obviously, parents have strong beliefs towards how our country should be run. When growing up, a child hears what their parents talk about and listens to why their parents choose the side they did. As a parent discusses politics with their child, he or she will provide the child with only their beliefs, ultimately forcing the child to agree with their parent. This causes children to grow up thinking that what their parents told them is the only thing that is correct. This may also cause the child to never look at the other side of things or see what the other side may offer. expand on this; maybe say how this will affect them in their future

As children grow up under these circumstances, this will affect the way that a child goes through their life. Later in life, the children will find themselves in a shadow instead of being able to see all of their options. The children will only be able to maintain their parent’s beliefs. Even in school, children may find themselves looking at people differently or not taking a certain class just because of what their parents told them to believe. At times, students and children should look at all the ideas that could be in front of them. With that, they have the freedom to choose what they want to believe based on what they know for themselves.