Suicide rates in America drastically increasing

In America, suicide rates are increasing to an alarming rate.

On average in the US, there are 105 suicides a day. Suicide is the 10th leading cause and on average it costs the government $51 billion annually. Regardless of the frequency of suicide, Americans continue to ignore the severity of the issue, placing a stigma against mental health.

The general public is having to face a moral dilemma: Action or ignorance? The stigma against mental health awareness leads to many believing depression is an easily changeable state of mind and many deciding it is not there place to advocate and speak out. This isolation causes those suffering from depression to feel excluded and alone, unable to handle their mental health issues on their own.

Importantly, the stigma of mental health is a negative one. The negative connotation on mental health is causing an isolation of people suffering,  in cause making them feel even more alone in their battle. We have more than 3 million documented cases of depression a year. You think with the amount of people fighting this that the media, schools and or the public would try to inform and educate the public of this issue. Families deal with depression quietly when they spot it. These families hold back and keep quiet while fighting this. These people could cause the depression to worsen throughout the time that the person is struggling.

Worst case scenario is that these people contemplate suicide. This subject is the one that is needed to be discussed the most, yet it is the hardest to discuss. Suicide is one of the most controversial topics due to uneducated opinions, telling people to “get over it,” or “it’s just a phase.”

“Suicide is one of the most controversial topics due to uneducated opinions, telling people to “get over it,” or “it’s just a phase.”

These simple words can tremendously worsen a person’s mindset. They make a person doubt their importance, or drive them into a darker place.

These simple actions lead people to have a darkened mindset. All we have to do as a society is try to educate ourselves on the subject that we’re trying help with.  The fact that there are 105 suicides a day  doesn’t help contribute to that statistic. We have to be able to help these people with these thoughts and actions. If you or anyone you know have any of these thoughts please contact 1-800-273-8255 or This simple action can save a life, and always remember there are people in this world that care about you.