Let’s Talk About “IT”


Every 27 years, a certain thriller comedy movie comes back into theaters, completely redone, causing many different reactions throughout the movie community. “It”, directed by Andres Muschietti, provides the audience with comical and dramatic scenes that scare and thrill. “It” is exciting, but also fascinating and  continuously draws in the audience, making them want want to watch more.

The movie follows Pennywise, a clown who traumatizes seven children and feeds off of their fear. The movie begins with the iconic shot, showing Georgie Denbrough, Bill Denbrough’s younger brother, finding Pennywise in the sewer after his paper boat fell in. Pennywise rips Georgie’s arm off and pulls him into the sewer, which was automatically captivating, and made me want to see what other horrors Pennywise was capable of. Each character has their own fear and their  own separate interactions with Pennywise. This gives each of the characters a unique situation and storyline, which leads to the characters trying to go after the clown.

Not only was the movie scary, “It” was also humorous, which added an extra element to the movie. Richie Tozier, played by Finn Wolfhard, is one character who shows his witty personality throughout the movie. By having a character like this, it helps add contrast between the scary and the comical parts. Richie Tozier adds his jokes and humor, which make the audience laugh and feel something different from the other parts of the movie. One character that slowly changed throughout the movie was Beverly Marsh, who was played by Sophia Lillis. In the beginning, she seems to be flirtatious and very independent. As the movie continues, Marsh becomes tough and works with the boys to help find Pennywise, instead of just sitting back and watching like the stereotypical popular girl. Characteristics from these characters are one element to what made the movie such a box office success.

As the movie progresses, a central theme highlighting the importance of teamwork is developed. This group starts as one group of friends, who began taking people in who are getting bullied and do not fit in. As they get closer, they become stronger and more dependent on each other. When this group is together, they are more powerful and able to work against Pennywise. This movie shows how when people work together, they are able to accomplish more. Not only is “It” a thriller, it is a movie that teaches a clear life lesson through both comedy and horror.