Women keep marching

Maddie Ward, multimedia editor

On Saturday, Jan. 21, an estimated 4.9 million people gathered for over 650 Women’s Marches across the world to show their mutual support of equality for all. While the marches were not completely directed at President Trump, it was in response to some of the recent actions he has taken. Men, women and children all gathered to spread messages of positivity and awareness. The main takeaway from the event, was that even after formalized political action has ended, fighting for change will never cease.

One of the most prevalent issues that inspired people to march was reproductive rights being stripped away from them. Planned Parenthood, a large supporter of the Women’s March, provides a wide range of general, sexual and reproductive health services for males and females across the world. There were a multitude of supporters for this organization in attendance at the march showing that they will not allow the organization to be shut down because of decisions made by the political administration.

President Trump recently took action against the organization by signing an executive order that prohibits federal funding for organizations such as Planned Parenthood that advocate for abortions internationally. This hit to the funding of Planned Parenthood International will most likely lead to thousands of women no longer having access to abortions because of President Trump’s pro-life agenda. If the political administration decides to completely defund the nonprofit, many services would no longer be available to women across the nation and their right to choose what happens with their body would be taken away.

The support for Planned Parenthood continued even weeks after the march. On Saturday, Feb. 11, two high school students from Pacific Ridge organized a march in Encinitas for people who wanted to show their support for the vital organization. The march garnered approximately 2,000 people and included a substantial crowd of men and women standing up and showing that they will not back down. This march came as a response to the many protests that took place the same day in Planned Parenthood clinics across the United States and showed women and men who need support from the organization that they will not be completely denied the instrumental services that they deserve.

In weeks following the march, people are still standing up and showing that nothing will stop them from showing their complete support and devotion to ensuring the doors of Planned Parenthood stay open even through this trying political climate.