School needs “SAFE” classrooms

CHS classrooms exhibit a safe environment by reminding students that their actions affect others.

Sierra Gomperts

CHS classrooms exhibit a safe environment by reminding students that their actions affect others.

Julius Koch, staff writer

Millions of students across America attend school every day. The principle of a school pertains to a free education. Unfortunately, other factors in a school environment may prohibit a student’s chance to succeed.

A classroom should be a neutral safe environment in which all students, regardless of race, religion, appearance, sexuality, etc. should prosper. However in many high schools, this ideal situation does not exist.

A major issue that confronts campuses like Carlsbad High is bullying. Although students may not take notice, people are bullied regularly. Every day many students have to go to a school in which they do not feel accepted.

School is mandatory. Prohibiting a student from performing to the best of their academic potential is almost criminal. And it happens every single day.

We live in a world where students commit suicide because of their social roles in school . Students that could have changed the world with their talents, unique personalities and amazing qualities are gone forever.

What is the point in deteriorating others’ spirits only to elevate oneself? Where does the advantage lie in putting out a light that will never have another chance to show the world it’s potential?

Parents want to feel they are sending their children into a safe environment, built for positive social interaction and experiences that will prepare them for a bright future.

Bullying will never disappear as long as students and the staff fail to fully embrace the issue. Adult intervention can only go so far. Classmates always have the most direct relationships to their peers, and therefore, it is truly vital for positive interactions.

Instead of shunning the kid in the back of the class, open up to these kinds of people and accept them as fellow peers who have their own interests, goals and problems. In an environment where everybody is well taken care of and treated respectfully, everybody prospers.

It all starts with your commitment to put forth an effort to stop student discrimination. With enough student influence, Carlsbad and many other high schools could truly start providing a “secure accepting friendly environment” for every student.