Point/Counterpoint: Read a Nook not a book

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

As a child I always loved to read. I stayed up late reading, carefully turning the pages wondering what will happen next. I guess you can say books were kind of my life.

The older I got the less time I found to read. Eventually I started to only read one book a year. Pathetic right? I never had time to go the bookstore and half the time the store did not have the book I wanted. What a waste of time!

Just a few weeks ago I spent ninety nine dollars on a device that changed my life: the Nook.

Between AP classes, work, extracurricular activities and sports many students do not have the time and energy to drive themselves all the way down to the bookstore and pick out a book to read. The Nook has a wide variety of books, magazines and newspapers just at your fingertips.

After I got the Nook, I read two books in a week. It takes less than five minutes to buy the book while it takes at least forty five minutes to go to the book store. I never thought the Nook would be so easy and simple.

Not only does it save time, it also saves trees. Nearly four billions trees are cut down for paper which makes me feel happy when I read knowing that I am helping improve the environment by saving paper.

Whenever I go on vacation with my family to a random boring place I constantly read because I have nothing better to do. The second I finish a new book a huge feeling of disapointement washes over me and I am doomed until the end of the trip. It would be a huge pain to carry more than two books while trying to hustle through an airport. The Nook allows me to purchase tons of books without traveling with them. During long airplane and car rides, the Nook solves solutions to boredom. Remember to buy at least four books before a 14 hour plane ride and you will have a great plane ride filled with reading without carrying 60 pounds of books.

Almost every college student hates carrying textbooks around campus. The Nook offers an amazing deal to help solve this problem; you can buy a textbook at a cheaper price. No, I am not kidding, it is that simple. I mean who can refuse cheaper textbooks and no back injuries. Sounds like a winning situation to me.

I encourage every single one of you to find ninety nine dollars and buy a Nook. Believe me the purchase will make reading more pleasurable.