Mothers taking over facebook

Scott De Taboada, assistant editor

The Facebook craze has taken over America. Children, teens and young adults spend their time on this social network connecting with their friends from all around the globe. But what about mothers? Has this craze gone too far when the mothers of the young people using Facebook begin to ‘lurk’ on  their children?

To answer this question, let us first define the three different types of mom’s using this social networking site.

First, there’s the mom who uses Facebook in the way it was intended- in order to find people she has lost touch with. This mom gets on Facebook and keeps the proper amount of space between herself and her child. She doesn’t add her child as a friend, and uses the site in order to stay in touch with friend and this is fine. This type of mother uses Facebook properly, and I have no problem with them using the site.

Secondly, there’s the mother who uses Facebook to relive the past. This mother goes on Facebook because she wants to be like the kids are these days. She wants to fit in with the modern day youth and she does this through social networking. This is not okay with me. Mother’s need to realize they are grown up, and as a result, they need to act grown up. Get off of the book if you’re only on there to be seen as a ‘hip’ mom.

Lastly, there’s the mom who uses Facebook strictly as a means to creep on her children. This mom makes a Facebook in order to add her child and see what they are up to. This mother sometimes even goes to the extreme of adding her child’s friends as well. This is absolutely not okay. They need to realize Facebook is not a means to lurk on your child and creep out your child’s friends even worse.

Overall, the majority of moms need to realize the time for social interaction with teenagers has long since past. Unless you are truly on Facebook to connect with lost friends or current ones your own age, the book is not for you.

So, it seems the craze has gone too far in some cases. Facebook is slowly being used more and more for the purposes of lurking. To all the mothers out there, this is not alright. Please take care of your children, but get off Facebook and stop creeping out the younger generation.


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