Jumping into the Fall Show


Photo Courtesy of Mr.Fauls-Rivas

Junior Grayce Haruko (left) practices after school with sophomore TJ Rodriguez (right) for the fall play.

Sophia Weis, Editor in Chief

Enduring online school has come with its challenges, but it is slowly proving doable. For proof, look no further from the Advanced Theatre class here at CHS working hard on producing their fall play, Badger, written by Don Zolidis and directed by Mr. Fauls-Rivas digitally via Zoom.

“It is about women who work in the workforce during World War II and it’s basically centric on these women and their relationships and how they’re viewed in the workplace,” senior Aiko Lozar said.

This fall’s production only has 12 main roles and an ensemble due to the novel online performance aspect. Students have rehearsals after school via Zoom, working with theatre teacher Mr. Fauls-Rivas to ensure that they put on the best performance possible.  One of these students is junior Sachi Stewart, who plays the character Rose. 

“She’s a sort of timid girl and she’s the youngest of the four main women in the show. She has a dream of traveling out of Wisconsin once the Second World War is over and she’s no longer needed at the munitions factory, where much of the story takes place,” Stewart said. “She experiences sexism in the workplace, like the other women, and grapples with society’s expectations of her versus her own wants and needs.”

We show up at our time and he’ll often ask us how we’re doing, so we have a few moments for a health check-in. It’s really considerate and I feel appreciated because of it.”

— Sachi Stewart

Rose has some unequal experiences in the workplace, which is something that women have struggled with throughout history. This show is aimed to inspire the audience, as well as allow for some sense of normalcy for the theatre students during these trying times. 

“Mr. FR provided us with a schedule before rehearsals began but also sends out daily Reminds with who is called. We show up at our time and he’ll often ask us how we’re doing, so we have a few moments for a health check-in,” Stewart said. “It’s really considerate and I feel appreciated because of it.”

Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, the students cannot have rehearsals in person, meaning they must be held over Zoom. Doing anything via technology has its challenges, but the theatre class is doing their best to create something amazing for the school to appreciate.  

“He’ll often help us find the tone to set, then let us give the scene a try. He gives us notes and helps us adjust according to his vision, which makes everything a lot easier,” Stewart said. “Despite the challenge of only being on Zoom, I feel like everyone is handling it with grace, especially Mr. FR, and I’m really proud of everyone.”

With all the challenges that come with producing a virtual show, Mr. Fauls-Rivas, the theatre teacher, has made it a point to check in on the students as well as make them feel safe during this uncertain time.  

“The CHS Theatre Department is doing everything in its power to create a positive and fun learning environment for students,” junior Wendy Maddox said.