Bust down Carlsbad, bust down


Sophia Osborn

On Jan. 31, Blueface performed for CHS students. Students from all grades came out and enjoyed his performance.

Friday Jan. 31 afternoon was an exciting day for students. The buzz of a famous rapper coming to the community filled the hallways and classrooms. When the bell rang at 2:30 p.m., students drove or walked as fast as they could over to Pine Park. Around 3 p.m., Blueface gave a performance to the student body.

Blueface posted an Instagram video of him performing at nearby Vista High. He captioned the post asking his nearly 5 million followers on instagram what high school he should perform at next. The student body at our school flooded his comments saying that he should come to Carlsbad.

That stuff doesn’t really happen around here very often. It’s a pretty big thing for someone to pull up and perform”

— Dylan Smith

Due to legal reasons, Blueface was not allowed on the school campus, but that didn’t stop students from going to this event. Blueface, otherwise known as Johnathan Michael Porter, came down to Carlsbad and gave the students a performance. Junior Jake Busta thought the event was very well handled.

“The event was handled pretty well,” Busta said. “We all thought it was going to be at the church across the street and it turned out to be farther away. It was handled well because we all had fun and he was there for 30-ish minutes and then left.” 

With all different grades of students running around downtown Carlsbad, police had to intervene to continue to move traffic and keep the kids safe. Junior Allie Tanita feels that the Carlsbad Police Department did the best they could with such an out-of-the-blue event like the Blueface concert. 

“I think they handled it well,” Tanita said. “There were so many people running around that it was good to have some form of order there.”

Recently, Blueface has been going to high schools and giving free concerts to the students at those selected schools. The schools are chosen through polls on his instagram. Out of San Marcos, El Camino, Rancho Buena Vista and Carlsbad, Lancers voted their school to the top. Junior Steele Gutrige thinks Carlsbad showed its purple pride to earn the concert. 

“We have a lot of famous people on the app TikTok and they got a lot of people to vote,” Gutrige said. “I think that really put us ahead of everyone else who was still in the competition.”

With Blueface coming down to Carlsbad to give us this performance, concert-goers were eager to get as close as they could. Whether it meant pushing people out of the way or even getting on top of strangers’ cars, they were determined to get a good look. Junior Dylan Smith was at ground zero to see all the chaos in action. 

“That stuff doesn’t really happen around here very often,” Smith said. “It’s a pretty big thing for someone to pull up and perform.”