Joe Biden announces 2020 election

On Apr. 25, democrat Joe Biden announced his election campaign for the 2020 election. Biden was Obama’s vice president for his two terms and is thus a well-known politician. A well-known name in politics can mean both good and bad as there will be a very big difference in opinions. No matter who someone is there will always be people who oppose and those who support them. 

“I think it is great for a man with a good amount of experience to be president and he also has good connections with the previous president,” junior Cristian Quintero said.

While many are in support of a seasoned returner of the presidency, others feel like it would be better to have a change in the leading of the country. With the decent amount of candidates that make it to the primaries, it is easy to see why many will be hopeful that there will likely be a new candidate that is more favorable to that one person. So it is easy to see why many feel like Biden already had his time in the White House.

“I feel like it would be best for the U.S. if we got a different president than Biden as I was not a very big supporter of what he and Obama did during their two terms,” junior Davyn Ward said.

Most people’s views on Biden depend of their opinion of his term with Obama and how it affected them. With a very split common opinion of Obama’s arguably biggest action while in office, Obamacare, many people will view Obama and Biden the same way as they view this health care plan. Thus, those who benefit from the more affordable medicare will support Biden more than those who suffered from their increased taxes.

“I think like Joe Biden will act similarly to that of Obama, and I would like to see another term like that come to America,” Quintero said.

While this mindset brings many supporters, it is also a prominent reason why there are those who oppose this campaign. Those who were glad that Obama’s term ended and they were able to start electing for a new president may not be so glad to see another four to eight years of it once again. But on the other side of the coin, if someone appreciated what happened from 2008-2016 in terms of the presidency might welcome another few years.

“Although I cannot say for sure who I will vote for since who knows what might change with President Trump or another candidate, as of right now I would take a newcomer to the scene of the elections, since I personally do not side with Biden or his way of running the country,” Ward said.