Earth Day celebrations continue

Apr. 22 is a day of appreciation for the planet we live on. While it is not an official national holiday, people across the nation take time to reflect on the beauty that nature displays and the resources Earth provides to humanity.

“Earth Day is every day for me,” senior Jolie Asuncion said. “Environmental sustainability is very important for our air and natural resources. It’s the small things that will benefit us in the long run.”

From beach clean-ups to carpooling, there were a variety of activities the community participated in to celebrate the Earth and the battle to keep the planet clean. For some, however, the planet deserves more than one day of celebration.

“We can never provide nearly as much for the Earth as it has given to us,” junior Shaylyn Foley said. “So why do we forget that we are killing the very planet we inhabit?”

Taking these green practices vocalized mainly on Earth Day, venders and contributors come together to celebrate this special day over the weekend every year. The 2019 San Diego EarthFair will be the 30th one held. Drawing around 60 thousand individuals per year, the fair is spread all throughout Balboa Park.

“I think this event is a great way to spread awareness on the impact we have on our planet,” Asuncion said. “We tend to forget how much of an impact we do have through our day-to-day actions.”

Produced by 300 volunteers, this years EarthFair will feature more than 300 exhibitors, special theme areas, a Food Pavilion, a special Children’s Activity Area, four entertainment venues, the Children’s Earth Parade, the eARTh Gallery arts and crafts show, and the Cleaner Car Concourse.

“Events like this are a nice reminder to the community that there are ways that [we] can make a difference on a smaller scale,” junior Jill Cohen said. “Eventually [that] turns into a bigger scale as more people join in.”


For those interested in participating in this event, it is Apr. 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Located in Balboa Park, the crowds are expected to grow rapidly throughout the day. Being further away, carpooling is an eco friendly recommendation as a mean of transportation for those attending.