CHS dances for the kids


Photo courtesy of Camryn Riccitelli

Students proudly hold up the amount of money they have raised in one night.

On Mar. 1, Carlsbad High School held their first dance marathon. Junior Hannah DeSoto and Carlsbad alumni Kyra Badiner teamed up along with the ASB class to bring the Dance Marathon from Badiner’s university, SDSU, to her alma mater.

This is SDSU’s fifth year with this organization, and Badiner’s second year on the executive board. She is the Director of Community Outreach and Mini Marathons.

“I wanted to bring this to CHS because I felt like this school, my alma mater, had what it would take to get this started,” Badiner said.

The marathon was held in the new gym from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The ASB class hired a DJ and had Lancer Dancers perform as well as a student band, The Happy Return. Additionally, children from Rady Children’s Hospital came to the event to speak.

“When [Kyra] approached me, I was really excited to bring [the marathon] to Carlsbad because I think in the future it could be something really good, and it’s awesome that all of the money that we raise, 100 percent of it goes back to the kids at Rady Children’s Hospital so that just means a lot to me,” DeSoto said.

Another exciting aspect of the marathon was a special guest. Bachelorette winner Garrett Yrigoyen, a new resident of Carlsbad, appeared to support the cause. He took pictures with everyone and was another way to persuade students to attend and donate.

“It’s been a lot of work, but it’s been really fun and I’ve gotten to know a lot of people like through it, like I’ve gotten a lot closer with some of my classmates in ASB and it’s pushed me to be very outgoing,” DeSoto said. “I had to work really hard to get it out there and it just really helped me realize what I’m capable of and what everyone is capable of. It just makes me very grateful that I live the life I do and I don’t have to face what these kids are facing. It’s just great that I can help everyone help out them.”

At the end of the night, CHS raised $4,256.10 for the kids. Badiner, DeSoto and the rest of the ASB class and SDSU executive board worked hard to put this together.

“This event means more to me than a couple sentences can explain,” Badiner said. “But it really has changed my life, and so many other people’s. We dance and fight and fundraise for kids who are in the hospital for weeks, months and sometimes years at a time. We like to say that we are just big kids fighting for the little ones.”