CHS hosts annual blood drive


Jenna McMahon

On Feb. 26, students and adults alike came together to donate blood for the annual Blood Drive in partnership with the San Diego Blood Bank.

On Feb. 26, Carlsbad High School hosted the annual Blood Drive in partnership with the San Diego Blood Bank. In order to donate, students had to be 17 or older and sign-up through the link on schoolloop. From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., eligible students were able to donate up to one pint of blood, enough to save approximately three lives.

“This event is a great way for the student body and other members of our community to give back to those in need,” junior Christian Young said. “I know personally God blessed me with a healthy body and good blood, so why not help others.”

I decided to donate because I like helping people. If donating blood is the best thing I could do to help, why would I skip that opportunity?

— Parker Rasul

The event took place in the old gym, with numerous stations set up to tend to the parents, teachers and students that came in. With a variety of time slots, the stations were occupied constantly throughout the day.

“After filling out a questionnaire, [donators] were ushered to a station where their blood was given the ‘okay’ for donation,” Young said. “After the actual donation takes place, donators spent time at the last station to relax and eat snacks.”

Over 80 people signed up for the drive. If every person that signed up donated one pint of blood, our Carlsbad community saved 240 lives. For reference, that is enough blood to save the entire Senate twice. Donating blood gives those suffering from medical conditions or injuries a second chance, shaping the community.

“I think it is important to donate whenever you can because it helps save lives,” ASB President Nina Accardi said. “It’s something so simple and easy, but it offers someone in a hospital another chance at life.”