Carlsbad’s Corn Mazes get festive for Halloween


Sam Chacon

Large signs allow the maze to be seen from a variety of roads. The field contains two mazes, one with scary actors, and another of a higher difficulty.

Chloe Tran, Opinion Editor

Every year in October, the Carlsbad community is welcomed by a pumpkin patch, filled with hayrides and corn mazes. As Halloween arrives closer and closer, the pumpkin patch farm remains a popular destination for family and friends.

The purpose of the pumpkin field is to give to the community a depiction of fall, a place where students, families, and friends can go as a way to enjoy the activities provided. Run by the Carlsbad Strawberry Company, the pumpkin field has become a hot-spot.

“I really like the atmosphere of the pumpkin field,” junior Shayla Eslampour said. “You can go with your friends and so it is always a nice way to do a fall activity together.”

Before looking for the perfect pumpkin to decorate your home, there is a corn maze people go through. The corn maze surrounds you with tall, everlasting corn with dead ends and scarecrows to make the experience more engaging.

“The corn maze is like an adrenaline rush,” Eslampour said. “Going through the maze is a fun way to bond with your friends and do even more fall activities.”

Once getting through the corn maze, a field of pumpkins are scattered throughout the field. The large field consists of small pumpkins and very large pumpkins, all displayed to the eyes of families and friends.

“I’m really excited to pick out my own pumpkin and carve it into a jack o’lantern and get lost in the corn maze,” senior Katrina Nakamura said.

Both Eslampour and Nakamura believe the pumpkin patch is a good way for the Carlsbad community to get together and enjoy the festivities of the upcoming holidays and the fall season. With the variety of activities, friends and family can enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the pumpkin field.

“It’ll be a fun adventure to go with friends and just enjoy the whole environment around you,” Nakamura said.

Along with the corn maze and pumpkins galore, the Carlsbad Strawberry Company provides food and drinks to enhance the experience. The community can enjoy assortments of treats while searching for pumpkins or trying to find their way out of the corn maze. Tractor rides and various scarecrows are also present to keep the community engaged.

“What’s better than going to the strawberry field, which is now a pumpkin field, and having a fun time with your friends and getting a pumpkin for the fall and Halloween,” Eslampour said.