The Carlsbad 5000 celebrates its 33rd anniversary


Skyla Nelson, staff writer

A race distinguished for world records and fast runners begins its 33rd year in 2018. Over the weekend of Mar. 24, the Carlsbad 5000 continued to hold its spot as one of the world’s fastest 5K’s. The attraction continues to bring in amateur and professional athletes running down the scenic streets of Carlsbad, California.

The Rock N Roll Marathon Series gives proceeds to various charities, including the World Wildlife Fund and the American Cancer Society. The race offers courses for all ages, ranging from five years old to 80 and up. The “World’s Fastest 5K Race” is home to 16 world records, eight US records and 11 world wheelchair bests, while continuing to grow and add to its accomplishments almost every year. This year, more than 10,000 runners participated in the Carlsbad 5000.

“Over the past few years I’ve loved looking forward to enjoying the day with my family,” freshman Chloe Auerbach said. “The Village area is so fun to be able to run around and spending the day in downtown is always something I love.” 

The family fun continues with games, food and activities as “Party by the Sea” begins. The activities engage kids, parents and runners of all ages and continue the 5K fun after the race day is finished. However, before the day ended, more than 1,500 junior racers, age 12 and under, took part in the race, crossing the same finish line as the professionals.

“Just enjoying the day with my family and friends is always so cool,” Auerbach said. “I love being able to see all of the different participants finish the race and then see them all around The Village.”

The international race day began one of its six races at 7 a.m., and continued throughout the day. Racers from around the world came to enjoy the festivities and the race as they joined the renowned 5K. Joining the run was Dejen Gebremeskel of Ethiopia, an olympian silver medalist, and olympian Violah Lagat of Kenya. Both who finished the race in under 15 minutes.

“I’ve heard of all of the international racers who come to Carlsbad and I think that it so cool that in our town we have olympians and athletes from around the world,” Auerbach said.

The yearly attraction continues to bring in old and new competitors to the racing event. Whether there are professional athletes or kids and families, the “World’s Fastest 5K Race” attracts people to the sunny streets of Carlsbad, California every year.