CHSTV students head to Nashville

Every year, the members of CHSTV go to a city here, in the United States, to compete against broadcasting programs across the nation at the Student Television Network (STN) Convention. At the convention, teams participate in video contests, students attend lectures given by professionals in the industry, and CHSTV finds out if they will once again be chosen as the best daily live broadcast in the nation.

Broadcasting students leave for Nashville, Tennessee today. On the first day of the convention, all students will take part in a “Crazy 8” competition, which is where students have a chance to produce either a broadcast or a film in eight hours. Additionally, all students and teachers at the conference will attend opening ceremonies on the first night. At opening ceremonies, the winners of the prestigious Award of Excellence will be announced. CHSTV is a contender for this award. They have been named the best in the Western region, and they are now up against four other daily live broadcast shows for the title of best in the nation.

“We worked really hard on our Award of Excellence show and I am really excited to see who wins. I am hoping it is us!” freshman McKenna Rangel said.

Over the next two days in Nashville, students will partake in various competitions, including music video, public service announcement, short story and convention recap. In these contests, students split up into teams and are given a prompt. They then have a set amount of time to film, edit and turn in their piece. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend professional breakout sessions with professionals on topics in the broadcast and film industry, ranging from TV show production to audio and cameras.

“I am competing in the music video contest for the second year in a row and I can’t wait to see what the song is and how it turns out!” freshman Natalia Avalos said. 

Students from Carlsbad High School attending the STN Convention will not be here for MORP, the upcoming dance. Still, STN holds its own dance at the hotel, complete with a DJ, photo booth and a theme: Saint Patrick’s Day. Students are encouraged to wear green to go along with the theme of the dance.

“It’s a bummer that we are missing MORP, but going to STN is worth it,” Rangel said.

Finally, on the last day, closing ceremonies are held. This is where students are rewarded for all of their hard work over the course of the convention. Awards are given by student presenters and the work of the winners is played  in front of everyone in attendance.

“I’m excited to see what happens and hopefully take home our title as number one in the nation!” Rangel said.