Green Club continues on their path to a better tomorrow

Green Club starts off by carrying past legacy to the present


Tosh Everett

Senior President of Green Club Erik Methot discusses environmental issues on global warming to the class, Thursday, Oct. 12. Green club meets in room 2004 every Thursday.

Mattie Murnane, staff writer

Existing at Carlsbad High School for 30 years, Green Club is one of the most populated and well known clubs on campus. Every Thursday, students gather around to talk about the environmental issues threatening the earth.

Green Club consists of  students chatting about the environment and interacting with the animals that reside in Mr. Muilenburg’s classroom. The club aims to help the school make more environmentally friendly choices.

“Mostly what we focus on is to make our school a nicer, cleaner, better campus,” senior Eric Methot said.

As president this year, Methot is working to continue a project the club started last year. Their task is to get recycling bins all over campus. They started last year by going to the city council and speaking to a few officials of the district office about the need for recycling bins.

“We went to the city council, we talked to them and got the bins,” Methot said. “And this year we have to employ them on campus, and so what we want to figure out is where students would like to place those bins. We’ve been wanting to get them for so long.”

The club is also partnered with a few organizations outside of the school. They are currently working on a project to bring clean energy to Carlsbad.

“We’re partnered with the Sierra Club. We’ve been involved with them the last couple of years, trying to get what’s called Community Choice Energy passed,” Green Club advisor Mr. Muilenburg explained. “Which is basically all the energy for Carlsbad will be from renewables”

The Green Club works to save the environment within the school, but also throughout all of Carlsbad. So while Green club is working to create a greener environment, they encourage everyone to do their part for our planet as well.

“Ride your bike, try to make your ecological footprint as small as you can,” said Methot.