Exploring the intricacies of Back to School Night

On Back to School night, everyone from the dancers to the teachers prepared to display school spirit to all attendees. Those managing the intricacies of Back to School night form the basis of this excitement.

As parents walk from class to class, reaching practically every corner of the school, there must be some element that makes every meeting a different and new experience. This is possible through the administration, who sets a school-wide goal for all staff and lets the teachers achieve that goal in their own way.

“We let them know upfront from an administrative side of things…it’s talking about…how a student can be successful in your class…We allow autonomy of teachers to…take that information and produce something and be creative,” interim vice principal Mr. Robertson said.

This allows teachers to fully express their personal messages to parents. Many teachers take this opportunity to inform parents of what their main purpose is for the school year.

“I am trying to increase student choice…[The students] can do whatever they’re inspired to do, [and] I want [the parents] to get an authentic experience [of that]…I treat them like I treat [my students] so they get to know me,” english teacher Mrs. Thompson said.

We wanted to showcase our best aspects for the parents”

— ASB president Alli Polmar

Besides getting the opportunity to meet teachers face-to-face, crowds of families, friends and alumni making their way across campus are exposed to various modes of learning about the school. For instance, they are surrounded by multiple forms of entertainment put on by our dancers, orchestra, choir and Sound Express.

“We wanted to showcase our best aspects for the parents,” ASB president Alli Polmar said. “We gave them a breakdown of what Carlsbad is and what’s upcoming in hopes that they will participate.”

Each job of the administration, teachers, and fellow lancers deals with a different aspect of the night, altogether making Back to School night successful. Depending on the role, the perspectives of the night varies.

“This [administrative] job allows me to…be more involved with more people…I got to see parents [of] students [I’ve had] over the last three or four years…and I got to catch up with some of [them],” Mr. Robertson said.

Lancers strive for positive interactions with everyone attending Back to School night, from properly teaching newcomers all about school spirit to welcoming back fellow lancers. Informative teachers and a welcoming staff make strong connections with multiple lancers over the years. But overall, this night is meant to send parents home with one message in particular that has the power to greatly improve the new school year.

“…The more a parent can be involved in their student’s education positively, and the better the communication we can create between student, parent, and teacher…that just makes that student and that parent’s life at school so much more beneficial,” Mr. Robertson said.