Trump’s actions and reactions

Ana Garcia, staff writer

With Donald Trump stepping into presidency, it has caused many people to disagree with the new policies he has made but also encouraged many people to stand by his decisions. The feud may have not settled yet, but we can get some thoughts and reactions by people who are for and against Trump to recap what has happened so far. Junior Arin Zwonitzer who is against Trump , and sophomore Aja Ward who is for Trump, both have very interesting thoughts about Trump’s most recent actions.

Zwonitzer’s opinion on Trump’s inaugural speech is about what his policies have been doing for our country lately as she tries to be impartial about everything.

“I’m trying to keep an open mind because he is our president and we’ve had a really bad congressional gridlock especially during the Obama administration and it would frankly be hypocritical to just completely block him before he does anything,” junior Arin Zwonitzer said. “But the issue is, a lot of the policies he’s been doing in his first 100 days and the appointments he’s been making such as the Muslim ban and trying to build the wall… aren’t really working. It would affect our economy by taking 80% of the financial revenue of our GDP.”

Ward also agrees with the part about keeping an open mind for the sake of the United States but she is trying to pinpoint what she thinks Trump’s goal is for Americans and not so much on the negativity that is being put upon him so quickly.

“I think that Donald Trump being our new president is going to have a lot more change in America for the better and I think that a lot of people think that he’s focusing more on structural policies rather than social change etc. moving along with LGBTQ rights and black rights, ethnicities etc,”sophomore Aja Ward said. “But I honestly think that he’s really supportive of everyone in America coming in together to make change for the better rather than just keeping with our same structural ways because there have been areas in which they are not working out so I think he’s mainly focusing his campaign off of change and I think that his new presidency will bring in a lot of new ideas, new creativity and a lot more quality for America overall.”

Even though Zwonitzer has a slightly different opinion on Trump’s presidency than Ward’s, she can agree with many Trump supporters that his speech was much better than the ones he has performed in the past. In terms of the quality of his speech, Zwonitzer thinks that his diction was good in his speech but not so much the content of his speech.

“I have a very different view than a lot of people,” Zwonitzer said. “A lot of people weren’t happy with his inaugural speech I think it was the best speech that he had. Looking at his campaign trail he tended to be really polarizing to the point where he would cause riots and he wasn’t the best speaker but if I’m being completely honest, even his basic grammar and syntax was really messed up so it actually sounded like it was prepared but in terms of appealing to both his own party and bringing over those people who are unsure, I don’t feel like he fulfilled those skills at all I feel like it appealed to his own base of people and on such a close election and you can’t do that.”

Ward on the other hand is very excited to see Trump become our 45th president but still has her concerns about his figure and presence when it comes to being the face of the U.S.

I am really excited for his presidency because I believe that a lot of his new economic policies and immigration policies are going to do a lot for America’s safety and the safety of our citizens overall,” ward said. “However, I am slightly worried about his arrogance and personality because I don’t want especially other countries to be thinking that our leader could become a dictator and I also am worried about America not supporting him because there’s been so many protesters  I think that’s my biggest worry because I think that as Americans we should back our president and have trust in them first and then once they show us wrong that they have done is when we have freedom of speech and then we should question authority.”

Although Ward’s and Zwonitzer positions are very different when it comes to the new president, they can both agree on how Trump impacted the women’s march. However they were not really happy with the fact that he did come up a lot in a march that was supposed to be for women’s rights.

“It was interesting,” Zwonitzer said.Personally I was a little bit saddened that a women’s march which was an international thing turned more into something about trump. I didn’t like that I love trump rallies but that was supposed to be a day for women.”

Ward also came to terms with Zwonitzer about why Trump was too big of a factor in the Women’s March.

“I also thought it was interesting how they were including anti-trump protesters within the rally because it was focused on women’s rights but they’re making it about the presidential candidates and I didn’t understand how that had to correlate.” Ward said.