The secrets of job hunting

The clothing store Tilly’s is now accepting applications for part-time positions. Any students above the age of 16 are welcome to apply and become a Tilly’s employee.

Jazmin Treadway, Staff Writer

As we are all growing up and getting ready to leave the house to start our lives, money seems to be an issue. No need to fear, jobs in the Carlsbad community are opening up a lot as summer starts approaches. Getting a job and earning money seems really fun, but there is a little more you need to know to get the perfect job while being under the age of 18.

One of the biggest things you need to have when getting ready to apply for jobs is a well equipped resume that would best show your skills and qualifications to the specific job requirements. Some things you want to have on your resume are your previous work experiences, and if you do not have any, don’t leave it blank, fill in any volunteer work you have done because it shows your passion to work and dedication to helping. Another thing is a written compilation of your education, credentials and accomplishments to help better your odds of getting a specific job. A resume is one of the most important pieces of any job application.

“As I applied for many jobs, having a resume made it easier when it came to my interview. It gave the interviewer something to base my credentials with as we talked about why I wanted the job,” senior Kimberly Lin said.

Many students are nervous and anxious when it comes to the interview part of getting a job, but the biggest thing you should focus on is being yourself and telling the truth. When you just act normal it is easier to make a good impression. Make sure to focus a lot on the first five minutes of meeting the interviewer because according to Uvisor, the interviewer knows more about your personality and whether or not they want to hire you within the first five minutes of meeting you. So focus on showing them a smile, firm handshake and an optimistic personality that you have.

“During my interviews I was very scared and I thought that I wasn’t going to get the job, but you shouldn’t think like that. You should be confident and show them that you are a good worker,” Lin said.

When working and receiving money to either pay for school, shopping spree or road trips with friends, there is one thing you need from the school in order to finalize the job process. One of the things that is required by the state is that you complete a work permit from your school that states you have a minimum wage of 2.5 GPA.

Speaking from experience, I know it can be a little scary putting yourself out there and going to interviews where you feel they are just jam packing you with questions. But trust me, you have to start somewhere and getting out there and conquering fears is a great way to enhance your social skills. So have fun applying, there’s a job out there for everyone!

Legoland, Tilly’s, Ruby’s Diner, Blaze Pizza and Del Taco are a few stores that are accepting applications right now. Have fun job hunting!