Ways to get involved in MORP spirit week


Mikayla Wood, Staff Writer

On March 18, 2017, CHS will be hosting their informal MORP dance.  With the theme of “Light Up the Night,” students are encouraged to wear white and/or neon so they can glow under the black lights.  

As usual, the week before the dance marks the start of the school’s spirit week.  Participation allows the kids to be enthused and supportive of the school, and gives them another way to get involved.  

This upcoming week starts off with pajama day.  So, along with an early release schedule, kids are awarded the opportunity to wear their favorite sleepwear to school.  Wear your favorite house slippers, most comfortable pajamas or what you wore to sleep the night before.  This day gifts students the excuse to sleep in longer and finish their morning routine faster by eliminating one of the tasks.

Tuesday, students are asked to dress up in tie-dye.  Whether it’s a small hint on one’s socks or a full-blown outfit in their brightest representation of tie-dye, any effort is credited.  Walmart sells tie-dye kits for less than 20 dollars, so students can make customized clothes with friends, or they can also just purchase t-shirts for similar prices.

Wednesday encourages students to be active in their lives.  On this day, one should wear workout clothes that they would wear during their favorite exercises or activities.  Pair workout shorts or yoga leggings with nice running shoes and voila.

Thursday marks crazy sock day.  Students can wear anything from their favorite pair of socks to that unopened pair of socks from their grandparents that they have never worn.  And luckily, socks are sold in various locations and tend to be cheap so this spirit day is attainable for all.

The final day before the dance is also St. Patrick’s Day.  Consequently, this spirit day is dedicated to the tradition of this holiday and students are encouraged to pageant their favorite green wear or Irish-inspired clothing.

Make this spirit week one to remember.  Being involved in school activities, especially this one, is a fun and memorable experience.