Top 10 Halloween costumes for 2016

Emily Hyde, Editor in Chief

1. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad: Suicide Squad has been one of the biggest movies in 2016. Harley Quinn’s daring and quirky style will most likely be a costume for many teens this year.

What you need: blue and red shorts, black fishnets, a tattered white tee and some blue and red makeup

2. Dory: The new movie, Finding Dory, was released earlier this year and stole the hearts of many. A Dory inspired costume is perfect for this year’s halloween.

What you need: blue t-shirt, blue/yellow tutu and Dory stuffed animal

3. Emoji: Emojis will always be a popular costume choice. The best things about this costume: you can be whatever emotion you are feeling that day.

What you need: a yellow tutu, any yellow shirt, felt eyes, lips, glasses, etc. (specific to your favorite emoji)

4. Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton: Election day is looming nearer and nearer and while this may be a slightly controversial costume, we can count on many president- inspired costumes this October.

What you need: a mask or cut out with a suit or a pants suit.

5.Pokemon Go Trainer: The mobile app, Pokemon Go, took the world by surprise a couple of months ago. This unique game gave way for some unique costume ideas to try and “catch ’em all.”

What you need: leggings, yellow/ white tee shirt, baseball cap and a pokeball (sports ball painted red, black, and white)

6. Sports player/fan: This will always be a super common and super easy idea for halloween. Whether you want to be your favorite player or just be a fan, this costume will work.

What you need: a jersey from your favorite team, any black bottoms, face paint

7. Beyonce- Lemonade: Queen B is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) popstars. Her new visual album Lemonade became a huge icon that will inspire many costumes this season.

What you need: long, yellow dress, black strappy heels, wooden baseball bat

8. Grease (Sandy/ Danny): These costumes are so easy to recreate and great if you have a friend to dress up with. Most of the items you need for this are really common and very cute.

What you need: Sandy: black pants, black shirt, red heels, and leather jacket

                             Danny: jeans, white shirt, and leather jacket

9. Snapchat Filter: The many filters of snapchat (specifically the dog filter) is so popular, it’s most definitely going to be a popular costume this year. It is so easy and there’s so many options.

What you need: any clothes (preferably neutral colors) and a DIY dog face with a felt ear headband, nose and mouth.

10. Scream Queens (Chanel): This show has already inspired many costumes and will continue to do so. Regardless of which Chanel you want to be the costumes are quite easy.

What you need: any pastel pink dress, or shirt and skirt combo with a fur vest.