Mackinley Sebahar, Sports editor

This Saturday, March 26 from 8-11 p.m., Carlsbad students have the opportunity to “Glow Crazy” at this year’s Morp dance. Students are advised to wear a lot of white, neon colors and body paint to glow under the black lights. There is a dress code that is stated on the dance contracts that must be signed and turned in when purchasing a ticket.

“It is a casual dance but any rule that is in effect for the school dress code is also in effect for the dance,” ASB advisor Sr. Riccitelli said. “You can wear leggings but you have to be careful because one thing that can happen with white leggings, is that they can end up being see-through with the black-lights, so ideally you would be wearing something else with it. You must be covered appropriately.”

Tickets are $10 with an ASB sticker, $20 until 3/24 without an ASB sticker, and after 3/24 ticket prices without an ASB sticker rise to $25. The dance is open to all grades.

“This is the last dance for underclassmen so I strongly encourage them to go,” junior Tyler Liebentritt said. “I also encourage upperclassmen to go because this is one of the last opportunities to have a good time at one of Carlsbad’s dances with your friends.”