Apply to Academy Internship program


Mac Harden

Internship Academy motivates seniors to get internships at local businesses. In order to enroll into the program, students must apply during their junior year.

Olivia Easterbrook, Writer

The Academy Internship program, at Carlsbad High School, gives students a first-hand glimpse of life outside of school. Juniors have the opportunity to apply for this program, which helps students form decisions as to what they want to pursue as a lifetime career.

Many students have benefited from Academy Intern as an elective because it provided helpful tips to use in the work-force.

“I learned how to work under pressure and stress and how to really communicate with people who have been in the business longer than I have, so overall, it was a really good learning experience,” senior Samantha Avalos said.

The application deadline is Friday, Dec. 12. In order to apply, students must get three recommendations from teachers, which are submitted online. Some of the categories which students can choose to intern in are business, education, medicine, physical fitness, science and technology.

“It’s a really good experience getting an internship in high school, and it looks really good on your college applications,” Avalos said.

This program prepares students for the future by helping them understand the process of writing a resume, developing interview skills and then, putting those skills to test.

“I want to apply because I think it’s a good opportunity to be a part of something that can really prepare me for my future,” junior Milena Barnes said. “I also think it will benefit me because I will be able to narrow down a career field that I will want to work in.”

Ms. Papera, the English teacher who runs the program, came into most English classes to motivate students to join.

“Internships are an excellent way for students to determine if a career is right for them,” Papera said. “If our program enables students to confirm or rethink their decisions about a potential career, I think that’s a successful outcome.”

For all the students that make it into to the Academy Intern Program, Papera gives some helpful advice to keep in mind.

“Set goals,” Papera said. “Communicate effectively. Show flexibility if you have to do some menial work, but be sure to follow up, if needed, to discuss ways to apply your skills. Be responsible and absorb as much as you can.”