National college fair unveils admission resources


The National College Fair in San Diego occurred on April 23, but most Lancers were not aware of the event—or the many benefits that could have been gained. Held by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, this particular fair was one of an entire spring tour, which ended on May 3.

“It is a convention where lots of colleges are in a room [and] where people can then look at colleges and see where they fit in the most and possibly get a scholarship,” sophomore Katie Chase said.

Lancers understand the basics of the convention, but without a full appreciation, they cannot take advantage of all it offers. NACAC’s website lists links to not only college fair schedules but also to research about college admissions and career development.

The event itself enables attendees to meet one-on-one with representatives from universities and discuss admission and financial aid opportunities at their respective institutions.

“I think that the college fair would be a good place to go to if you didn’t know what college to go to,” Chase said. “I would definitely go and surely find the college that is meant for me.”

As for college admittance, Director of College Counseling Katy Murphy tells of the organization’s effort as of present.

“In the spirit of these thoughts, I am happy to report that the NACAC is making headway on several fronts in support of community-based organizations and the work their professionals undertake in support of first-generation and low-income students,” Murphy said.

With this in mind, students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to attend college. The NACAC prioritizes giving everyone the chance to a bright future.

In addition, the National College Fair’s supporters, including the School Guide Publications, College Planning Experts and Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority provide NACAC quality information on the college search process, and high schoolers are encouraged to visit these sites.

Despite the missed opportunity, Lancers are now motivated to go the next fair.

“Now, with what I know, this college fair sounds so beneficial for my future that I’m excited to see what it has in store.” Kimm said.

If interested in the upcoming fall National College Fair, register through NACAC’s website.