Rotarians serve the community some Saint Patty pancakes

Pancakes and bacon were served at the St. Patrick’s Day brunch. The food was a huge hit among attendees.

Kitty Knorr, Writer

This year, St. Patrick’s Day came early and on Saturday, March 15th, Carlsbad’s Hi-Noon Rotarians served their very first Pancake Breakfast in the heart of the village. From festive decor to green smoothies and even Irish Dancers–the club embraced the holiday spirit.

“I think that it went well,” past president Pat Hurley said. “We made a few hundred pancakes and made a nice amount of money. All of our proceeds will go toward scholarships for Carlsbad High School students.”

As the Rotarians practice service above self, the community shows great appreciation for the club.

“The fire department gave us their griddle to use,” Hurley said. “And we were sponsored by establishments like La Olas and Henacy’s. This event would not have been possible without the support of the community, giving us the chance to give back.”

Passing platters of pancakes, the Hi-Noon club also wanted the crowd to have access to a healthier option. Teaming up with a new addition to the village, Choice, representatives Natasha McKeon and Patrick Farely educated many by serving smoothies.

A friend of Hurley’s, Farely has been doing business in the Carlsbad area for over a decade. From Knockout Pizza and Knockout Burger, Farely branches out into the world of smoothies. Quick to order and nutrient packed, Choice will be opening at the end of May this year.

Until then, the Rotary club provided the first and only taste of the drinks. While satisfying hunger, the event also proved entertaining. Around 11 a.m., dancers from the Butler Fearon O’Connor School of Irish Dance performed a traditional routine.

“To help build the size of the event, we exchanged our usual Monday meeting to Saturday,” President Lisa Rodman said. “As a result, we were supported by fellow Rotarians and their families.”

Upcoming events for the club include their annual August Golf tournament and a celebratory Oktoberfest in the fall. Carlsbad’s Hi-Noon Rotary continues to serve the community one smile at a time.