Saving lives with a step


Garret Snyder

ASB sports yellow at the Save a Life San Diego walk. Save a Life San Diego’s mission is to raise awareness about suicide and how to prevent it.

It all starts with a step–a step towards hope and change for the future that starts within the school and a multitude of students.

Carlsbad’s ASB and Students Against Destructive Decisions Club, otherwise known as SADD, took part in the Save a Life San Diego Walk alongside many other students and local San Diegans. This walk gives people who have lost a loved one to suicide or any person who wants to raise awareness about suicide a chance to show their support.

“I think it was really awesome for CHS to get involved in this walk because it’s a problem that has directly impacted our school in the past,” senior Maddy Oas said. “It is really good to raise awareness and try our best to prevent tragedies like those happen again.”

The walk has taken place seven times in San Diego, however it was only Carlsbad’s second time participating. With a larger group of students attending, more attention was drawn to the issue. Carlsbad is just one out of the many schools worldwide that has experienced the loss of a student.

“Suicide is a real issue even in sunny Carlsbad– it is a real thing and it is very sad,” senior Sarelle Salvador said. “We had two last year, and that’s not a small number when dealing with our classmates and friends.”

These two student groups are trying to show the importance of caring for each other within such a big school filled with thousands of kids. Although it may seem impossible, ASB attempts to gather all students together to raise not only awareness, but education about controversies such as suicide.

“We really want people to know that we are not afraid to talk about the things like suicide that are affecting our friends and day to day lives,” junior Briette Pietrocini said. “When one student is hurt, I think it is important for all of us to feel their pain alongside them and help them work through it.”

By attending the walk, students have shown to not only to themselves, but to people around the community, that they do sympathize about the loss and lives of others. Although hardships like suicide are often not spoken about, Carlsbad continues to encourage people to help make a difference and stop these tragedies from happening.

“It is really inspiring to see all of the people who came out to the walk to show their love for the one’s they have lost,” senior Junior Macedo said. “I think we also inspired people to step outside and try to make a change and make a difference, just like we are doing.”