Sam Stadlberger films documentary in Uganda


CHS junior Sam Stadlberger will be going to Uganda over summer to film a documentary with the Unity Project.

Emily Matteson, Social Media Editor

On a mission to help war-torn villages in northern Uganda, junior Sam Stadlberger will be documenting the entire experience. He will be traveling to Uganda this summer with a non-profit organization called the Unity Project.

“We are helping the villages of Uganda that have been terrorized by the LRA in recent years,” Stadlberger said.

The Lord’s Resistance Army started in the 1980’s and is now being led by Joseph Kony. The LRA is infamous for kidnaping children and turning them into sex-slaves and murders. The Unity Project is sending psychological help to the families who’s children have been taken by Kony.

“A lot of psychologists are going to help them cope and they want me to be the head documentarian for the trip,” Stadlberger said.

As a part of CHSTV, Stadlberger has a lot of experience in film and documentaries. The head of the Unity Project contacted Stadlberger in hopes of adding him to their team.

“This guy John Woodall met my mom at an art festival and they started talking. My mom ended up talking about me and my broadcasting stuff and he looked at my work and mentioned that they are going to Uganda,” Stadlberger said.

John Woodall helped the Unity Project create the Unity Assembly in northern Uganda. The Unity Assembly, composed of nine schools, public health initiatives, micro-enterprises and media outlets, acts as the first step in creating a sustainable community in Uganda.

Stadlberger looks forward to this trip because he loves to travel and he will gain great experience in filmmaking. Also, Stadlberger wants to experience a different culture and help the devastated villages of Uganda.

“Traveling has always been something that I enjoy and being a documentarian for this trip is a really good opportunity for a future career in film,” Stadlberger said.