ShakesPEER society emerges at CHS

ShakesPEER society emerges at CHS

President Katherine Knorr hopes to share her love of Shakespeare with classmates through the ShakesPeer Society. The new club will meet on even Tuesdays in room 807.

Jenna Tarantino, staff writer

Sophomore Katherine ‘Kitty’ Knorr puts her love of Shakespeare into action by forming CHS’ first ever ‘ShakesPEER’ society. After coming up with the idea last year, Knorr is excited the club is finally underway.

“I really wanted to do something different,” Knorr said. “I was part of a Shakespeare club in seventh grade so when I found out as a CHS student we had the ability to start something like this, I took advantage of it.”

Knorr prepared diligently to advertise her club in hopes of getting a good turn out at the first meeting. Along with fellow Shakespeare fanatics, Knorr took to the club fair to recruit new members. Their table was an even bigger success than they anticipated.

“I was very surprised,” Knorr said. “We got almost 45 sign ups and I’m willing to take anyone interested.”

Because the subject is so important to her, Knorr has high hopes for the club and has many ideas and activities to get the group going. During the meetings, students can enjoy snacks as well as games. She hopes the fun activities will draw in even more students.

“Ultimately, I want to make Shakespeare as much fun as possible,” Knorr said. “Rather than studying him, we’re going to celebrate him.”

Knorr’s new, fun approach to Shakespeare is a refreshing aspect to the club system which many students will find enjoyable. Although she knows the direction in which she would like the club to take, Knorr is also open to suggestion.

“I want to base our ideas off whatever the kids involved want to do,” Knorr said. “I’m  leaning towards having our own festival.”

She strives for students to become more acquainted with Shakespeare and therefore enjoy it more. Her enthusiam for Shakespeare surely drives her desire to make the club exciting and interesting for students.

“My goal for the club is to make Shakespeare not as intimidating,” Knorr said.

The club meets on even Tuesdays so make haste to room 807 all ye Shakespeare lovers!