Carlsbad 5000 competitors blaze the streets


The first event of the Carlsbad 5000 was the Junior Carlsbad on April 6. Children of all ages ran up to a mile through the streets of Carlsbad to earn their medals.

Shon Cagungun, staff writer

SoCal’s running community laced up their shoes for the annual Carlsbad 5000 April 6-7 through downtown Carlsbad. Thousands of long distance runners, including some of CHS’ finest, lined up at the starting line to begin a 3.11 mile odyssey through the city.

The race brought out countless  weekend joggers and hobbyists all the way up to true competitors. For the non-runner, the task of speeding through a run in any distance upwards of a mile may seem daunting, but for some like junior Jeff Schaefer, the 5000 meters (5k) is simply apart of a normal week.

“Well, I do the 5k because we have to run at that distance for cross country,” Schaefer said.

Although local runners dominate the event, many international runners join in on the action to hit times on the self-proclaimed “World’s fastest 5k.” It offers an engaging race to competitors, but also the relative ease of the course allows new records to be reached.

“The Carlsbad 5000 is really flat and it’s on the road,” Schaefer said. “Fast course; fast times.”

Due to the high level of competition, runners may train for weeks in advance to give themselves the best opportunity to do well. Top- level competitors view the race as more than just a fun-run.

“For a 5k, I run everyday and do workouts twice a week,” Schaefer said.

All-in-all the race is a huge chance for runners from all strength levels and a variety of  ages to compete and to hit faster and more competitive times than ever before.

“I feel like I’m going to puke my guts out,” Schaefer said. “But it gives you a chance to get better and see a personal record.”