“Facebook Parenting: for the troubled teen”

Madison Dearie, staff writer and photographer, foregin correspondent

The most viewed video of 2011 was Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” Of 2012? Tommy Jordan of Albemarle, North Carolina. Not sure who he is? Well, over 28 million other people do.

Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen,” uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 8, shows Jordan-a tech-savvy dad who apparently, also packs some heat, firing nine rounds into his daughter’s laptop.

This need for extreme parenting started when Jordan, having spent all day on his daughter’s laptop paying $130 to update it, decided to log into Facebook to upload pictures to the family dog’s profile and came across something his daughter Hannah probably wishes he’d never seen. It was her Facebook status titled “To my parents.”

“To my parents,” it starts out “I’m not your damn slave.” The FB rant about her parents went on for another six paragraphs about why she was not pleased with all the chores her parents made her do and how, most importantly, she should be paid for them.

Jordan decided to videotape his rebuttal to his daughter’s “hard life.”

“This is for my daughter Hannah and more importantly for all her friends on FB who thought that her little rebellious post was cute.”

Continuing to read aloud his daughter’s status, pointing out his various issues with it, Jordan then informs his daughter, not only will she be paying him back the $130 he spent, she will also be grounded for an indefinite number of years. Jordan then proceeded to pull out his .45, tells his daughter she will also be paying for every bullet he uses and fires nine of them into her computer.

Some have criticized this parenting method as too extreme, even calling the Child Protective Services to his home. But 91% of FB viewers say they approve of this father’s creative way of teaching his daughter a lesson. No word from Hannah on what she thinks of her dad’s “tough love,” but then again, she doesn’t have a computer anymore.