Australian students visit CHS

Australian students visit CHS

Australians converse with Carlsbad High students to learn more about the American life.

Linea Stern, Staff Writer

On Dec. 29, over 100 Australian students stepped off a plane ready to embark on an experience of their lifetime in America. They went on a three week journey and stayed in three different cities during their stay in California.

“I have had a very fun time on this trip so far,” sophomore Blake Simpson said. “We flew to San Francisco during the first few days, then we went to LA for a week and now we are in Carlsbad.”

Throughout the trip the Aussies noticed that America is a lot different than Australia.

Many of the Australians noticed a big difference in the school system. The class sizes in Carlsbad are twice the size of the classrooms in Australia. All public schools require students to wear uniforms.

“I prefer small classes because there are less interruptions and it is easier to learn,” Simpson said.

Schools in Australia start at 9:00 a.m. and do not get out until 3:00 p.m.. Classes only last thirty five minutes and electives are not offered.

“I really like having short classes because I can concentrate better,” senior Meegan Weston said.

Australians offer a unique type of food at most restaurants that most Americans would never think of eating: a kangaroo. Australians also rarely eat out while Americans eat out a few times a week.

“I have noticed that restaurants in America have really large portion sizes,” Simpson said. “ For example, the small size in McDonald’s is the large size in Australia.”

Everyone had a fun time by meeting new people and traveling across the state. All of the friendships made by this program are unforgettable and will last a lifetime.

“I have made a great friendship with my host Maddie,” Simpson said. “I am glad I made the decision to come out.

The Australians enjoyed their stay by meeting new people, experiencing different culture, trying new things and visiting popular amusement parks.

“I love everything about America.  It is a beautiful place,” Weston said. “ I love the people, clothes and music.”