Ribbon cutting ceremony: a welcoming of new classrooms


The marching band provides the drum roll as ASB officials cut the ribbon welcoming the new high school buildings.

Jack Beetham, editor-in-chief

After millions of dollars and countless hours of hard work, Carlsbad High School now welcomes new classrooms to the campus. Teachers, administrators, school board members and Carlsbad residents attended a ribbon cutting ceremony on Jan. 12 to properly welcome in these new classrooms.

Teachers, students and other faculty members are thankful of the time and effort gone into the construction. The classrooms are a major upgrade from the portable classrooms students had previously.

The $83 million project has been well-received by students and teachers and aims to successfully improve education.

“We moved into the new Lancer Hall this Monday. It was sad to leave our old one behind but I am thoroughly excited to be dancing in a newer facility,” sophomore Hannah Webb said. “My teammates and I are working hard to to do well at nationals and it helps to have this new dance room.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony began with opening remarks from speakers such as Carlsbad High School Principal Dr. Matt Steitz, Carlsbad Unified Director of Instruction and former CHS Principal, Maggie Stanchi, and Superintendent John Roach.

The speeches gave many thanks to all the people associated with the construction of the new buildings and emphasized the importance of the the new classrooms.

“For one, I truly think appearance matters for any school campus. The new buildings bring a new attitude to the teachers and students that use them, letting them work in a more professional environment,” Roach said.

The new technology was also discussed before cutting the bright purple ribbon. Administrators hope the new SMART Boards in every classroom will add an edge to all the teachers using them and improve classroom learning.

“I think we have good teaching now with the equipment we already own, so the the newer technology can only help,” Assistant Principal Tom Bloomquist said. The new technology will not only help education but will help the pace and speed at which teachers can prepare and be productive in class. We can only benefit from the ability to use this new technology.”

After the traditional speeches the ribbon was cut, officially welcoming in the new classrooms. Afterwards, leaders from ASB held tours to show off the new buildings.  Visitors were able to watch PowerPoint presentations and a time lapse video of the construction.

Administrators are hoping the new buildings will bring a renewed spirit to CHS.

“I want students to take pride in this facility, and respect what the community has given to them,” Bloomquist said.