Red ribbon week begins on internet saftey

Carlsbad High School celebrates Red Ribbon Week.

Carlsbad High School celebrates Red Ribbon Week.

Megan Benner, Staff Writer

Nov. 14 through 18 Carlsbad High School celebrated Red Ribbon Week with a take on internet safety. Due to the rising issues pertaining to Carlsbad’s community, ASB informed students on respect for yourself and respect for others.

Red Ribbon Week originated because of drug cartels in Mexico; citizens around the world were unaware of the massacres involving smuggling drugs. In order to better society, a week was granted to educate elementary, middle and high school students on drug safety.

CHS believes high school students have already formed their own opinions on the subject of drugs but what students are unaware of is how to protect themselves from cyber-harm.

Jon Muffat, traveling Cyberbullying orator, asked CHS students “When you type your name into Google what comes up?”

Many students wondered how safe their favorite social sites really are. Although Facebook and Myspace have security features, the web never has a delete button. What one types and posts will always be up for anyone to see.

Students often put up a mask when speaking on the internet and say things without thinking. Muffat’s goal was to encourage people to think before connecting. In the hope that students would be inspired to take a stand in protecting themselves, Muffat shared free websites that expose current web history on individuals.

Cyberbullying, unfortunately, can lead to depression, loneliness and suicide. But what causes bullying? Many bullies aspire to attack because they themselves are insecure. ASB has placed positive motivational quotes in chalk around campus in hope that all students will take a moment and realize how important their life is and in a chain reaction want to smile or compliment another.

In the spirit of Red Ribbon Week, ASB asked students to wear red on Thursday. Teachers have been given ribbons to hand out during class and the campus was decorated in red.