Video: Ryon Chang showcases beatboxing dream

Jennifer Kim, copy editor

Pursuing music can become a hassle when private lessons and the constant pressure to practice overwhelms a student’s already busy schedule. However, for freshman Ryon Chang, music is an outlet and a freedom to enjoy what he does best: beatboxing.

With its intense, upbeat rhythms, beatboxing is a talent where the mouth is used to create beats, skillfully manipulating the passage of air to create unique noises. In seventh grade, Chang discovered the art of beatboxing and instantly immersed himself in his newly found passion.

“It started when I was watching American Idol,” Chang said. “There was a beatboxer and seeing him really influenced me.”

Hooked by beatboxing from the start, Chang practices his skill almost every day until beatboxing has become a part of his daily routine. During his practices, Chang always finds new ways to create his own music.

“As best as I can, I try to think of my own beats,” Chang said. “Sometimes, I pick up other stuff and turn them into my own. I always try to make the music mine.”

Having the skill to compose his own music takes great dedication and time. However, to Chang, practicing beatboxing has never strictly been considered practice. Beatboxing has literally merged into his life.

“I don’t really practice,” Chang said. “To me [beatboxing] is a hobby. I’m always beatboxing in my free time, even at school. It’s really important to me and makes me feel unique at being good at something.”

Allowing Chang to forge his own identity through his music, beatboxing has also helped Chang develop his hidden musical abilities.

“I was never really good at playing instruments,” Chang said. “But when I found out that I could make cool sounds from my mouth, it was really interesting.”

Chang’s amazing beatboxing talent led him to win first at a talent show at AB Samahan, a district-wide high school conference that offers a platform for many to showcase their talents. Since then, Chang realized how far he could go with his beatboxing and hopes to impress others worldwide.

“I hope that I can become well-known,” Chang said. “All beatboxers are always sharing their talent with everyone. There’s always room for more and I hope I can spread my talent too.”