Multimedia: CHSTV moves into new studio

Stefan Cooper, Lancer Express Staff Writer

For ten years, CHSTV has succeeded despite being housed in a technologically deficient room, dealing with limited space and having to hide an exposed wall through the use of creative camera angels.  With the opening of the new classrooms, the award-winning high school broadcasting class has a brand new, state-of-the-art studio.

“It’s very professional, better than a lot of college studios and even some professional studios,” freshman Allison DeGour said.

Within the new studio, completed on Jan. 30, a new ten-and-a-half foot tall set was constructed in four days.  Along with the updated set, the broadcasting students are taking advantage of the professional technology used in class.

“The new control room is great,” junior Brad Streicher said.  “It is really high-tech and really helps us to deliver the news in a better way to our audience.”

Unlike the old studio, the control room’s separation allows interviews to take place within the main set.  In addition, the new control room  allows students to try new techniques and formats they have not been able to use before in their broadcasts.

CHSTV now transmits through IPTV which is a new way for them to broadcast their shows in high-definition to all classrooms, along with their newly installed HD cameras.

“I think the [IPTV] system is great,” Streicher said.  “And any way CHSTV can better broadcast to the school is something we love to take advantage of.”

With the new room came the benefit of a wireless system previously interrupted by the construction (now destruction) of our school.  This allows CHSTV to broadcast on location without any delay and also in HD.

“Mr. Green is enforcing new ideas and new ways for us to be innovative in the new studio,” sophomore Mark Huckaby said.

Beyond new classroom rules, Green is raising the expectations for the quality of stories from his students because of the better tech at their disposal.

Even with the limited abilities of their old room, CHSTV has maintained the number one spot in high school daily broadcast shows for the past five years.  With their new studio ready to go and the new technology ready to be used, they look to continue this winning streak for many years to come.

Most recently, CHSTV students senior Krysta Mortland, senior Jordan Bruhn, junior Brian DeGour, sophomore Hank Kollar, freshman Chantel Schweigert and sophomore Sam Stadlberge have once again been honored in a prestigious scholastic broadcast journalism national contest, the Student Television Network’s Fall Nationals. CHSTV won first place in the Human Interest/Feature Story category with a piece entitled “Josh’s Story” and first and second place awards in the Sports Feature Story category.