What does Sra. Wakefield wear in a week?

Cece Turk, Editor in Chief

You might see her walking the halls dressed as Frida Khalo or Meagan Markle for spirit week. On Tuesdays, she’ll be decked out in UCLA gear, her alma mater. Even on regular school days, Spanish teacher Kimberley Wakefield will wear eye-catching pieces to brighten a cloudy day.

Since 1998, Wakefield has taught Spanish at CHS. She started with levels 1 and 2 to prepare students for the more advanced classes. Now she teaches Spanish 2 and Spanish 3 Honors.

“I love hearing that people have decided to continue with [Spanish],” Wakefield said. “I really like seeing that I’m making a difference for some people.”

Cece Turk

Wakefield hopes her enthusiasm, displayed in her attitude and unique fashion, will rub off on students, inspiring them to continue learning the language. Teaching is a noble position, and she wants to convey that sentiment to her students.

“I really feel like the way I present myself is important for my [students],” Wakefield said. “I take pride in what I do, and I want to present a very professional but fun [style].”

But her dedication to the craft of teaching doesn’t mean that her outfits have to be plain. She goes all out for spirit week, dressing as celebrities or wearing her “como se llama” pajamas. Depending on the curriculum, she will choose different themes for the day.

“I try to have fun with it,” Wakefield said. “When I was introducing the future [tense], I used to dress up as a fortune teller.”

Wakefield also syncs her outfits with the weather. As temperatures rise, she’s planning to wear lighter, brighter colors and flowy dresses.

“If it’s a gray day, I’m going to dress with something that I think is more uplifting,” Wakefield said. “I just feel like, hey, this will energize me for the day.”

Her world travels have also influenced the way she chooses her outfits. On Wednesday, she wore a knit poncho and an Inca medallion, both from Peru.

“I’m really open to different styles of dress. I wear a lot of stuff that I found in Mexico, I wear clothing that I picked up in Azerbaijan, I wear stuff that I’ve picked up in London,” Wakefield said. “Where I have gone has absolutely affected my wardrobe.”