Aloha from Carlsbad, CA


Photo courtesy of Aubrie Avilla

Aloha Ice, located in the Carlsbad Village, is attracting many customers, tourists and locals alike. Their wide range of 40 flavors offers something for everyone.

Brooke Ferguson

Aloha Ice is a newly opened snow cone shop in the Carlsbad Village that sells a variety of desserts. The new shop is the first location in San Diego, located at 445 Carlsbad Village Dr. 

Aloha Ice already has many local teenagers working there including senior Aubrie Avilla. Aloha Ice is a unique place to come and get a fresh snow cone with some of your friends and family with many options on the menu to try. 

“We currently have over forty different kinds,” Avilla said. “We also include ice cream at the bottom which a lot of other places don’t do.”

Not only does Aloha ice have a wide variety of dessert items, but they also have many food options to choose from. Freshman Lauren Lorentzen has already taken the opportunity to try many different items on the menu.

“My favorite food on the menu is definitely the coffee cake,” Lorentzen said. “I also like the Aloha Rainbow because it has all of the different flavors on one snow cone.”

Because there are a lot of positive things about the newly opened snow cone shop in Carlsbad, a lot of people are wanting to try out the new place. This can be a lot to take on for the new employees.

“We are always getting a lot of business which can be stressful sometimes because there are orders constantly coming in, so we have to be really fast-paced,” Avilla said.

The employees at Aloha Ice take the time to make sure all of their customers are pleased with their food while still working hard to make sure they get orders out quickly. The customers play a huge role in why Avilla enjoys working there.

“My favorite part about working here is just everyone that comes in,” Avilla said. “The customers are always really nice and it’s a really fun environment to work at.”