More than just a restaurant


Photo by Jack Oakley

Lola’s is a favorite with Carlsbad students and families. The family-owned restaurant and deli can be found in the Barrio area on the outskirts of the Village.

Kyla Watt, Reporter

Despite all the curveballs this year has thrown at society, some small businesses remain constant. One of these restaurants that is a tradition or a regular for many in Carlsbad is Lola’s.

Some people go with their friends, some with their family and some just go whenever they are craving Mexican food. For freshman Sierra Lambert, she stops by whenever she is in the village with her friends. She believes that Lola’s has a special atmosphere that makes it different from other restaurants.

“Lola’s is unique to Carlsbad because it’s a local, family owned business with iconic interior design and homely foods,” Lambert said. “The vibes at Lola’s make every meal there one to remember and I always know that the food I order will be high quality classic Mexican food. People proudly wear the store’s merchandise.”

Lola’s is located on the corner of Roosevelt and Walnut. (Jack Oakley)

She can recall the countless times she dined at Lola’s with her friends because it is their go-to whenever they are in the village. She thinks that it is easy access and built into Carlsbad culture.

“Lola’s is a part of the culture in Carlsbad because it is a classic location to grab a bite to eat with friends and then go make some memories,” Lambert said. “You’re always guaranteed to see someone you know at the restaurant so it is a great place to make connections with people outside of school. I have gone to Lola’s before football games and Lancer Day parades with my friends.”

Similar to Lambert, freshman Milan DiBacco also thinks that Lola’s is an important place. She thinks that it is very welcoming and there is something about it that draws you to it.

“Lola’s is a place that has been there since the beginning,” DiBacco said. “It creates a family oriented atmosphere and is such a quick, easy, thoughtless experience. You can just grab a burrito on your way to the beach.”

DiBacco’s family was introduced to Lola’s in their early Carlsbad years. Ever since then, they are regulars at the restaurant just like lots of other Lancer families.

“Growing up my family would always buy Lola’s on the way to a bonfire with family friends and it was such a fun and great memory,” DiBacco said. “A majority of the locals in Carlsbad know and love Lola’s.”