A look into SNL’s new season

Jake Kremers, Sports Editor

As students around the school scramble for new shows and movies to watch, a familiar TV show has just began it’s new season, which aired their first episode on Sept. 29. The show, Saturday Night Live (SNL), may seem a bit old for high school students as it will be entering it’s 44th season, but the show continues to focus their shows on current and relatable events.

While most students have known about the late night show for years, others could have first learned about the show when the two “Weekend Update” news anchors hosted the 2018 Emmys. The “Weekend Update” hosts, Colin Jost and Michael Che, are weekly features on the show as they act as fake news anchors, who report parodies on real life events. The two have gained popularity from the show, and received the honor to host the Emmys, which just recently took place. This happened to be perfect timing for the show, as they are receiving exposure just under two weeks from their first episode of the season.

What makes this show unique and could draw many students into watching it, is how they feature one famous celebrity and famous singer/songwriter a week to lead the show. For example, the season premiere featured Kanye West as the singer and Adam Driver as the host. So each week offers something new for everyone. Most of the time, the host is someone who’s trying to promote something like a new movie or tv series. So, when the Jungle Cruise movie is about to release, odds are Dwayne Johnson will be hosting the show. The reason SNL does this is for the show to keep up with what’s happening and stay on top of trends. 

Along with the host and musician, there is a big cast who returns each week, creating and acting in creative and funny skits. Another thing which could introduce students to watch is that so many cast members end up being superstar actors/comedians. The likes of Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, Chris Rock and Alec Baldwin have all been previous cast members at SNL. Even former cast members Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph were featured on this year’s Emmys and still land roles in movies and tv shows. With so many different actors featured on the show each week, several types of comedy is displayed. Someone like Pete Davidson often acts like a sad and troubled millennial while someone like Leslie Jones will act like a loudmouth who gets in everyone’s face.  SNL is an exciting show students should look into for this years shows.