Behind the camera: New CHSTV teacher arrives on campus


Keira Kane

Mr. Kohnen prepares to take on his new role of head CHSTV teacher.

Keira Kane, Social Media Editor

CHSTV is a world renowned broadcasting program here at Carlsbad High. Doug Green has been the official broadcasting advisor at CHSTV for about 20 years until he retired from his official position last school year, introducing Kurt Kohnen.  

Green immensely impacted the CHSTV program, and Kohnen is ready to incorporate fresh ideas while also keeping Green’s legacy alive. Kohnen plans to bring more real world broadcasting examples to the class. 

“With a program that’s this successful that’s kind of proven its value to the community over and over again, there’s not much I want to change except for bringing my own expertise to help further the students’ success with some more real world examples of broadcast and some of the situations you encounter doing daily broadcasts,” Kohnen said. 

Exploring the world of multimedia is also something that Kohnen is looking forward to. The class is trying to incorporate more live broadcasts and aspects of social media.

“I think you can attribute a lot to how Mr. Green has designed the program and designed CHSTV itself,” Kohnen said. “Having all the students rotate their roles everyday is a very neat way to give them that experience and perspective.”

During the first couple months of the school year, Kohnen learned how certain equipment works and got to know the students. Green helped Kohnen prepare to fulfill his new role. 

“For me, I’m really thankful to have Mr. Green here for this transition which goes through November because there’s a lot of technology to get familiar with and a very unique setup here,” Kohnen said. “A lot of it I’m familiar with already, but every production’s different.” 

Getting to know the students is one of the main things Kohnen is looking forward to this year. Kohnen is also anticipating finding out the students’ skill levels.

“The thing I’m most excited about is meeting all the students and getting to know them more and more,” Kohnen said. “With every day comes another broadcast, and with that, I get to know more students and see their skills and see them shine.”

Broadcasting competitions are also something exciting for this year in CHSTV. There is a famous convention and competition where students create new video stories that CHSTV students take place in, called Student Television Network (STN).

 “I’m most looking forward to just really becoming more helpful and being able to be more useful to the students,” Kohnen said.